Talking With The Man From Korea.

    He was from Korea but lived in Anchorage, and had a unexpected 7 hour layover in Juneau on his way back to home. He came up to me asking about what there is to do here, as strangers do, and we got talking about my travels and life here and other places, as I tend to do. He had specific questions about certain countries and we walked for about a half hour.

    He told me it was good what I was doing, that now he was in his 40’s and if he was my age again he would do what I was doing now. He said that when you are young, without a family and kids, you don’t think about the things he has to think about now, and you don’t know you will. He wasn’t disappointed with his life now just how he didn’t know at my age that it was the only time he could do what I am doing and still have the life he has, and loves, now. If he had traveled when he was young there wouldn’t be the choice now, he would have had both. You keep what you’ve done. If you do nothing you have nothing later and then you have to choose, if you do things now you keep them and can have everything later.

    I almost didn’t go for that walk today, I was tired, I had a book to read, I didn’t need to get up and do anything. But it was a sunny day and I thought I should explore. I would go find a tree to sit in and read there. I never opened my book or found that tree but I would never be able to talk to the man again and I am glad I got to do that, I am glad I get to keep that.


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